Child-Size building and climbing toy for indoor and outdoor use that is both FUN and Educational. Makes use of pipes and connectors to build 100+ creations


If you are looking for the year-round ‘indoor – outdoor’  toy...

you are looking for Omagles

Fun and education, simplicity and creativity, safety and quality … indoors and outdoors, that is what Omagles ‘build anything’ toy stands for.

Omagles has understood this children's message and has created the ‘build anything’ toy.

 What are we talking about? Children's world is the answer: carts, scooters, wagons, trucks, airplanes, mills, buggies, chairs, tables, benches, book shelves, shops, (baby doll) swings, play lofts, houses, tents, boats, and so many more options … Omagles is ‘home made’ for your children's fantasy.